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Remote Dental Billing and Training For Busy Dental Offices


Welcome to Bond Dental Consulting. We handle the back end so your team can focus on what is important, your patient relationships and experience. We fully believe that a trained staff, excellent customer service, and consistency in systems are the backbone of a healthy practice. Let us help you get there. Our dental billing experts can seamlessly handle your insurance headaches so your team can be fully engaged with your patients and keeping your schedule booked. If you are not ready to outsource your billing needs, that's okay! We have packages for every need, whether it be dental billing or training your team to instill our proven billing systems.

I built this business so dental offices can stress less and collect more.

Hello there, I'm Ashley Bond, owner of Bond Dental Consulting and contributing writer for DrBicuspid. I started in the dental field over 11 years ago at my own father’s dental practice. I was able to get an inside look and saw a great need for dental training and billing assistance for practices. I have had many roles in the front desk as treatment coordinator, office manager, marketing manager, and insurance guru.  I know what it is like being overwhelmed with your endless to-do list. Let me handle the stress and see your profits soar! Our core values are hard work, integrity, and getting the job done. We are motivated by results! Let us take what we can off your plate and allow your office to focus on your patients and your schedule. See what we can do for you!

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What We Do And Why We Do It Well

Remote Dental Billing & Patient A/R

Outsource the stress in your office so you can focus on patient relationships. Three packages to choose from.

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Dental Consulting

For offices that prefer that personal touch, in-office or virtual one-on-one consulting is for you. Limited space available.

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Collect More, Stress Less Mastercourse

One of a kind training opportunity for your dental office. Consulting and training unlike anything other. Elevate your front office in 12 weeks.

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Why would you choose us?

My why is unlike any other remote billing and training company. I'd love for you to see what makes us different.

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Outsource Your Stress. Increase Your Profits.


I see you there! Giving your all every day and it never seems like you are getting ahead. The front office is a whirlwind of never-ending tasks and interruptions. That is why we target the three most important aspects of your dental office.

Dental Billing and A/R: If the office doesn't get paid, no one gets paid. Let us take this off your plate.

Dental Training: The number one reason patients and team members leave a practice is because of an untrained, unsupported and overwhelmed team.

Customer Service: We take over the back-end work so your team can focus on your patient relationships. Our training puts customer service first! You get to focus on dentistry and let us handle the rest. 

Dr. S

"I've had the pleasure of working with Bond Dental Consulting for many years for our dental billing outsourcing needs. We really don't know what we would do without them. They have made our life easier and let us focus on our patients while they focus on our insurance needs remotely. Their attention to detail and accuracy is a remarkable. Would recommend them to anyone!"

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